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PTFE Hose - Overview

Smooth Bore PTFE hose is capable of carrying a wide range of difficult-to-handle media such as chemicals, steam, solvents, inks and dyes, paint, injectable materials and plastisols.

It is used for a variety of applications such as sanitary transfer, bottle filling, gas analysis, extrusion presses and molding/adhesive conveying.

The temperature ratings for this king of hose are quite broad: -65°F to 450°F.

PTFE smooth bore hose is kink resistant with improved vacuum ratings and damage resistance. It cleans easily with steam, detergent or caustic and can be autoclaved.

Advantages of PTFE

Chemical Resistant:
PTFE creates a virtually universal hose which handles the broadest range of media.

Temperature Resistant:
From cryogenics to steam all in one hose.

Low Friction:
Low pressure drop because deposits do not accumulate on the Inner core. Easy to clean permitting use of one hose for several services.

Withstands continuous flexing and vibration without failure from flex fatigue.

Moisture Resistant:
Ideal for pneumatic systems requiring low dew point functionality.

Chemically Inert:
Will not break down or deteriorate in service.

Unlimited shelf life because properties do not change with age or exposure to weather.

PTFE Hose Characteristics
  • Tensile strength 3,500 psi
  • Elongation 250% min
  • Dielectric Strength 1,000 volts per mil
  • Softening point 500F (260C)
Polytetrafluoroethylene is an engineered fluoropolymer commonly known by DuPont's trade name "Teflon". Outstanding resistance to chemicals is one of it's primary attributes. A broad temperature range of -100F to 500F (-73C to 260C) make this hose material suitable for the majority of fluid and ambient temperature conditions found in industry. An extremely low coefficient of friction, (0.05 to 0.20), provides a non-stick surface. Water absorption of PTFE is negligible, less than 0.01% by ASTM test. And, it is FDA-approved for food and pharmaceutical use.

Nominal ID Actual Size Max Working
Minimum Burst
Bend Radius
Approx Weight/Ft. Techna-Fit Part Number
3/16" .13" .25" 3000 PSI 14000 PSI 1.5" .047 lbs. 300-03
1/4" .19" .31" 3000 PSI 12000 PSI 1.5" .077 lbs. 300-04
5/16" .25" .38" 3000 PSI 12000 PSI 2.0" .098 lbs 300-05
3/8" .31" .45" 2500 PSI 10000 PSI 3.5" .110 lbs. 300-06
1/2" .41" .59" 2000 PSI 8000 PSI 4.5" .124 lbs. 300-08
5/8" .50" .65" 1750 PSI 7000 PSI 5.0" .154 lbs. 300-10
3/4" .63" .78" 1500 PSI 6000 PSI 6.0" .170 lbs 300-12
1" .88" 1.03" 1000 PSI 4000 PSI 9.0" .273 lbs 300-16

Indicating the unique properties of PTFE hose which are primary in the application.
Hose Category Application Area Techna-Fit Products which Apply Chemical Resistance
(Totally Inert)
Easy Clean (PTFE Surface) Temperature Resistance
(-70 C+260 C)
Pressure & Vacuum Resistance Flexibility & Kink Resistance Diffusion (Permeability) Resistance PTFE Lined End Fittings (nonwetted fittings) UV and Oxidation Resistance (NoEffect)
Fuel Hose
Turbo Charger Hose Coolant Hose
Auto-Brake Hose Motorcycle Brake Hose
Diesel Engine Hose
Motorsport Hose Power Steering Hose Transmission Oil Hose
Automobiles Trucks Buses Motorcycles Speciality Vehicles Motorsport and Trains

Smooth Bore

    X X X X   X
High Pressure Gas Hose Gas Bottle Filling Smooth Bore (High Pressure Gas)       X x X   X
Bottle Filling Hose Bottle Filling Machines Smooth Bore X X   X X      
Food Stuffs Hose Beverage and Drinks Hose Processing Plants and Dispensing Equipment for Food and Drink Smooth Bore
X X   X X X    
Inks and Dyes Hose Printing Equipment Smooth Bore
X X   X X      
Adhesives and Resin Transfer Hose Adhesives and Resin Transfer Application Equipment Smooth Bore
X X X X X      
Refrigerant Hose Industrial Plate Freezers Smooth Bore
    X X X X    
Gas Analysing Hose Gas Analysing Equipment Smooth Bore
TehnaFlex II
X   X X X   X  
Paint Spray Hose Paint Spray Equipment Smooth Bore
  X   X X     X
High Temperature Hose Hot Oil Transfer Smooth Bore
  X X X X     X
Steam Hose High Pressure Steam Lines Smooth Bore
    X X X X   X
Crimp-on JIC Hose Ends Teflon Reusable Hose Ends Brake Line Kits
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